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A Study of Cross-Validation and Bootstrap for Accuracy Estimation and Model Selection

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This paper reviews accuracy estimation methods and compare the two most exploited techniques: cross-validation and bootstrap.
The authors explain some of the assumptions made by the estimation methods, and present concrete examples where each method fails. The authors, in particular, are interested in identifying a method that is well suited for the biases and trends in typical real-world datasets.
The results obtained by the authors in this paper indicate that for the considered dataset and similar ones, the best method to use for model selection is ten-fold stratied cross validation, even if computation power allows using more folds.

Scientific Paper

Data Analytics, Machine Learning

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Kohavi, R., A study of cross-validation and bootstrap for accuracy estimation and model selection, Ijcai 14.2 (1995): 1137-1145.

Author of the review:
Giulia Cademartori
University of Genoa


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Joana Lopes

Useful for my Master research on the topic «cross-validation».