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Project Description

This section presents the main information about the iMath Project.
Usually portals supporting students in the acquisitions of knowledge related to math topics offer learning material and self-assessment tests not corresponding to the student's knowledge about the considered subject. Typically, its usage relies on static information, where the questions in the tests are being randomly selected according to pre-selected topics, from the contents of a database.

The purpose of iMath portal is to develop a new AI-driven tool that will support higher education students with respect to mathematics subjects, providing them with a database of resources, hands-on activities and self-evaluation tests, brought together in an online dynamical platform that will help and advise them through a personalized learning path based on their previous performances.
Therefore, iMath aims to add value, lowering the perception that mathematics is too hard to be understood and contributing to mitigate the dropping out of students due to perceived mathematics obstacles.

Target Groups
The main target groups of the project are:
  • Math Lecturers
  • Math Students at university level

Expected Results
The main project results include:
  • A literature review about optimization, learning methods and models
  • An online platform based on learning algorithms that allow to adapt the contents to the needs of the students
  • A set of applets that assist the students in the comprehension of selected mathematical concepts