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Relaxation and Decomposition Methods for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

This book presents a comprehensive description of efficient methods for solving nonconvex mixed integer nonlinear programs, including several numerical and theoretical results, which are presented here for the first time. It contains many illustrations and an up-to-date bibliography. In this book relaxation and decomposition methods for solving nonconvex structured MINLPs are proposed. In particular, a generic branch-cut-and-price (BCP) framework for MINLP is presented. BCP is the underlying concept in almost all modern MIP solvers. Providing a powerful decomposition framework for both sequential and parallel solvers, it made the success of the current MIP technology possible.
Because on the emphasis on practical methods, as well as the introduction into the basic theory, the book is accessible to a wide audience. It can be used both as a research and as a graduate text.



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I. Nowak, Relaxation and Decomposition Methods for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming, Basel, International Series of Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 152, XVI, 213 p., 2005

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Ivo Nowak
HAW Hamburg


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