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Introduction to Nonlinear and Global Optimization

The book pretends to give an introduction in the ideas of nonlinear optimization algorithms. The focus is a bit on the analysis of algorithm descriptions. Besides local optimization algorithms, it handles the concepts of deterministic algorithms, as well heuristics as guaranteed branch and bound algorithms as stochastic algorithms. The underlying mathematical theory is sketched but not handled in the usual rigorous way with mathematical proofs. The nonlinear optimization algorithms are described using for each case at least one example to illustrate their convergence. Perhaps one central point is the illustration of the difficulty to analyze stochastic (population) algorithms in a systematic way.



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E.M.T. Hendrix, B.G.-Tóth (2010), Introduction to Nonlinear and Global Optimization. Springer, New York, ISBN 978-0-387-88669-5, 208 p

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Eligius Hendrix
University of Malaga


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