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All for One and One for All: Dynamic Injection of Situations in a Generic Context-Aware Application

The article presents development of a dynamic context-aware situation-based distributed mobile application dedicated to assist end-users in their everyday needs. The application targets the requirements of the users and provides them with the appropriate services according to their current context. The authors focus on how user’s context is considered by the application. They propose a hybrid system where they combine high-level context (top-down approach) by injecting user-related context, and low-level context (bottom-up approach) by inferring the context from sensor data. The paper presents the related work on mobile applications focused on context awareness dedicated to mobile end-users, the architecture of the presented solution and the related context modelling. The dynamic context injection mechanism is presented and a tentative scenario for evaluation is given.

Scientific Paper

Machine Learning

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Karchoud, R.; Roose, P.; Dalmau, M.; Illarramendi, A. & Ilarri, S.; All for One and One For All: Dynamic Injection of Situations in a Generic Context-Aware Application, Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier BV, 2017, 113, 17-24

Author of the review:
Andrej Košir
University of Ljubljana


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