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Learning Indicators

Material Coverage

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The indicator presents the percentage of the material covered through a specific period. Teachers provide a curricula that needs to be covered and evaluated in order to fulfill the education process indicators. This indicator is a percentage of the material covered from a student during a specific period.

Importance of the indicator for the students’ learning methodology:
The indicator presents the progress of a student on the full amount of the educational material available for the specific period. Using this indicator, we can estimate the progress and the time required to finish reading the training material.

Idrizi, Ermira & Filiposka, Sonja & Trajkovik, Vladimir. (2018). Character Traits in Online Education: Case Study. 10.1007/978-3-030-00825-3_21.

Author of the review:
Spiros Sirmakessis
University of Peloponnese


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Eligius Hendrix

Such a global indicator can lead to nice discussion. After 40 years of teaching, you ask yourself whether the fact that an evaluation is positive really means that the student captures (so covers) a subject. The degree of understanding is hard to measure. We are all students and know that sometimes you got insight into systems that you are surprised you did not see 5 years ago.