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Planning & Scheduling Benchmarks

The data set, consisting of four parts, contains all of the data required in the graduated series of problems described below. The format for the data was chosen not for its generality or expressiveness, but rather for its simplicity so that minimal effort would be required in the creation of readers and writers. And in order to further minimize the effort required to get started, we have provided C++ source code for routines that will read and write this data. In brief summary, section 1 of the data set contains the activity specifications consisting of name, duration, and resource requirements; section 2 of the data set contains the precedence relations between the activities specified in section 1; section 3 of the data set contains a feasible schedule for the performance of the activities specified in sections 1 and 2; and finally section 4 contains miscellaneous data found in the following problem descriptions. C++ source code that implements basic reading and writing routines for the data found in sections 1, 2, and 3 is provided in a separate file, courtesy of Mark Ringer.

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C, Other

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Beatriz Flamia
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança


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