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Simplex method

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The method was developed by George Dantzig and discussed and published in 1947. It is one of the most used methods for practical planning problems. It optimizes a linear objective under a linearly constrained feasible set. During 75 years, implementations have been developed and the method has been tuned, such that with noeadays large computers, we can handle problems with many variables and constraints.

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C, C++, MatLab, Python, R


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Murty, Katta G. (1983). Linear programming. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. pp. xix+482. ISBN 978-0-471-09725-9. MR 0720547.

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Eligius Hendrix
University of Malaga


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Mauro Bozzetti

Thank you. Very nice.

Maria de Fátima Pacheco

Considering the wide scope of applications of the simplex method, available implementations like this one are great value for begginers.