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Optimization and Learning


OptlLearn Algorithm

  • An online platform based on learning algorithms that allow to adapt the contents to the needs of the students

Online Resources

  • A set of applets that assist the students in the comprehension of selected mathematical concepts
The iMath Project is addressed to:
  • Math lecturers interested in optimization and learning algorithms and related topics
  • Researchers interested in optimization and learning algorithms and related topics
  • Math students at university level interested in improving their maths skills through the use of a learning environment based on the application of artificial intelligence

iMath Partnership

Latest News

Second Partners' Meeting


Second Partners' Meeting

The second partners' meeting of the iMath project took place in Patras (EL) . All partners participated in the meeting and the main discussed topics were:

  • Analysis of the Optimization and Learning Database
  • Discussion about the students' learning indicators
  • Brainstorming related to the functionalities of the OptLearn Algorithm
  • Clarifications on the financial management

iMath Database of Benchmark


iMath Database of Benchmark

The database of benchmarks related to learning and optimization algorithms. Join the iMath Community and submit your proposal!

iMath Database of Algorithms


iMath Database of Algorithms

The database of algorithms and terminology related to machine learning and optimization algorithms is available on the iMath Portal. Join them on the iMath Community and submit your proposal!

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